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Authentic Bourbon Whiskey Barrels (53 Gallons, Used)

High-quality, Handcrafted Barrels

Authentic Bourbon Whiskey Barrels (53 Gallons, Used)


Thousands of barrels sold. Hundreds of barrel-loving customers!

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Authentic Bourbon Whiskey Barrels

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "The Barrels are great, just what we were looking for! We have them at each end of our shuffle board table to put food and drinks on. Price and delivery were very reasonable compared to others on the net. Highly recommend!" - Kurt F (Verified Buyer)

Used barrels are some of the most unique and versatile products around. 

Everyday, more and more customers are adding these barrels to their home, patio, game room, mancaves, restaurants, beer garden, wedding, you name it!

However, shopping for whiskey barrels isn't something most of our customers do very often, if ever before! So here is the criteria we look for when sourcing barrels for our customers to ensure the are the perfect fit for you and your home, business, event, or project!

✔️Authentic, genuine used whiskey barrels

✔️Retains that highly sought-after rustic appeal

✔️Has at least one nice flat barrel head to use as the 'top' 

✔️No major cracks or other damage

✔️Freshly-dumped, which ensures the barrel is structurally sound

✔️Tightly-secured hoops (metal bands around the barrels)

✔️Liquid-tight (perfect for rain barrels!)

✔️Previously used for whiskey only (not beer or other products that could produce a foul odor)

✔️Over 100 5-star reviews!

✔️Unbeatable delivery and flat-rate shipping options!

Each barrel is thoroughly inspected before shipping or delivery to ensure they meet these requirements. That way we know you will love them!


There are so many cool things the barrel could end up being used for next…
  • Many customer turn the barrels into planters; a barrel table for a home bar; a bathroom vanity; a coffee table; a barrel trash can; a whiskey bottle cabinet; or one of countless other barrel DIY projects.
  • Other customers leave these authentic barrels just the way they are, using them as décor outside or inside.  Some barrels even have the honor of being at someone's wedding or reception!

Whiskey Barrel Collage

Here are the barrel specs:
  Height: 35"
  Diameter (Belly): 26"
  Diameter (head): 22"
  Capacity: 53 gallons
  Weight: 125 lbs.
  Origin: Various distilleries

Questions? Give us a shout! 

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    Please Note: Each and every used barrel is unique and full of its own character. As such, please know that there inherently is slight variations in the appearance and construction of each barrel. Contact us with any questions!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between the used whiskey and used wine barrels? Which is the right choice for me?

    Both whiskey and wine barrels can be used in all of the same ways, and for all of the same DIY projects!
    When deciding between the two, the decision typically comes down to your preference on appearance, or simply your preference for whiskey or wine as a beverage!
    The whiskey barrels inherently have a more rustic character and appeal. The wine barrels retain a cleaner, lighter, and newer look, and often have light red wine stains throughout.
    Either way, you can't go wrong!

    Do the barrels have distillery markings on them? 

    Some of the barrels do have a stamp on the barrel head; other do not. We prioritize the quality of the barrel over finding barrels with particular stamps. 

    If you require a stamp, reach out and we can likely help you out!

    Can I leave the whiskey barrels outside?

    Absolutely! As with most wooden furniture, decks, or siding, wood tends to 'gray' over time if left unprotected. For barrels, this is often a desired appearance.

    If you prefer the barrel to retain a darker appearance, I would recommend coating the barrel in an exterior grade polyurethane. 

    Will the barrel hold liquid? 

    Yes! All of our whiskey barrels are freshly dumped and liquid tight.

    Every year, we have a countless number of customers use the whiskey barrels to make rain barrels and other projects that require the barrel to hold liquid.

    The key to keeping the barrel liquid tight is to keep some liquid in the barrel at all times. If you let the barrel dry out for an extended period of time, it may lose its seal and need to be 'rehydrated' to reseal. 

    Can I refurbish a barrel myself?

    Definitely! Its hard work, but a beautiful end product.

    In fact, check out our 4-part DIY Series at the link below:

    DIY Series: Refurbishing a Whiskey or Wine Barrel

    Can you refurbish the barrel for us?

    Yes, again! Below is the link to our refurbished whiskey and wine barrels:

    Refurbished Whiskey and Wine Barrels

    Is there anything we need to do to the barrel once we get it? 

    If locating a used barrel indoors, here a few recommendations:

    1. As described, the barrels are recently dumped from the distillery. Sometimes the barrels even have a tiny bit of whiskey left inside! To avoid staining any floors, you want to ensure that the barrel is not showing any signs of moisture or dripping from the bottom.

    2. Consider cleaning the bottom of the barrel to remove any surface dirt. Also consider putting a small rug underneath the barrel to further protect your floors. 

    3. Dry indoor air can often dry out a barrel. This can result in the barrel hoops/bands loosening and sometime shifting or falling. We would recommend securing each hoop to the barrel using sheet metal screws, or drilling a hole and adding a wood screw or nail. 3 fasteners per hoops should do the trick!

    Here is a DIY video showing the process we use for securing the hoops to the barrel.

    Delivery & Shipping Information


    I searched for barrels for my daughters wedding all over the place! The shipping, most of the time, was more than the barrel itself. This company was quick to answer my emails and the shipping was FAST, friendly and affordable! The barrels are fantastic we love them! Great local company!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE GUYS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Awesome customer service and great barrels. Mike was very very quick to respond to my email and a pleasure to work with. Do not waste your time researching another company - this one is top notch Thank you mike !

    Oh my gosh...your barrels were sitting on my front porch when I got home this evening. You truly made my day! Thank you again for have been amazing to work with and this is the best $400 I have spend in years! I am so happy!!