15 Gallon Decor Wigle Whiskey Barrels

15 Gallon Decor Wigle Whiskey Barrels - Mystic Barrels
15 Gallon Decor Wigle Whiskey Barrels - Mystic Barrels
Product image 115 Gallon Decor Wigle Whiskey Barrels - Mystic Barrels
Product image 215 Gallon Decor Wigle Whiskey Barrels - Mystic Barrels

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Check out these beautiful 15 gallon decor Wigle Whiskey barrels. These are freshly dumped from Pittsburgh's local distillery! Perfect for furniture, decoration, or any other DIY project you can dream up. Order today and schedule pickup in Pittsburgh, or have us ship it directly to you. 

  • Height - 24"
  • Diameter (Belly) - 18"
  • Diameter (head) - 15"
  • Capacity - 15 gallons

Note: Each and every used barrel is unique and full of its own character! As such, please know that there inherently is slight variations in the appearance and construction of each barrel. Contact us with any questions!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do you really delivery my entire order for only $50!?

    Yes! We run our own trucks on a weekly rotation delivering to different areas of our delivery zone. Order today and have us add your barrels to our next delivery truck through your area!

    When will I receive my barrels?

    We typically deliver within 2-4 weeks, depending on where we are in the delivery rotation. Contact us today if you need a better idea of when exactly we would deliver your order!

    Is there anything I need to do to the barrel to use as decoration? 

    We would recommend adding 4 screws into each of the metal hoops around the barrel. Over time, the wood may dry out and shrink slightly. Adding a few screws should keep the barrel together as is for years to come!

    Can I leave the barrel outside? 

    Yes! It is recommended to coat the barrel in an exterior-grade polyurethane or polycrylic to protect the wood. It is recommended that you cover the barrel if directly exposed to rain or snow.

    How do you clean or refinish a barrel? 

    Some customers love the rustic or naturally stained finish of a barrel. Others prefer to clean it up and stain the barrel. These barrels are perfect for either application! Depending on the look you are going for, you can clean the barrel with a hose and some deck-cleaner, or take a sander to the barrel to get down to the wood. Any oil or water-based stain and sealer will work well - just pick your desired color!

    Any other questions, please feel free to contact us! 

    • Email: info@mysticbarrels.com
    • Phone: 412-275-0542
    • Contact us page
    • Website instant messenger!

    Delivery Options

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    We strive to make the barrel purchasing processes as easy and cost-effective as possible! Choose 1 of 3 options:

    1. Pick-up at Mystic Barrels (Pittsburgh, PA): We will contact you within 24 hours of ordering to schedule your barrel pickup.

    2. $50 flat rate delivery for your entire order: Please confirm you are in our delivery zone shown before ordering! After ordering, give us 2-4 weeks to deliver your barrels to you.

    Save hundreds or thousands of by having us delivery your barrels to you directly. We run our own delivery trucks on a weekly rotation to different states making deliveries.

    3. UPS Ground Shipping: If you need barrels very quickly, or are outside our delivery zone, we can UPS Ground Ship to you. (Note, this gets expensive quickly!)

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