The story of Mystic Barrels started with an unexpected challenge of finding used whiskey barrels for some DIY barrel tables. We had no idea how challenging this search would be! The options were driving 2 hours to pick some barrels up myself, or pay exorbitantly high shipping costs to have the barrels shipped to me. Instead of leaving Pittsburgh to purchase just two barrels, we purchased 30, and Mystic Barrels was started! Since then, Mystic Barrels has grown from a local outfit selling barrels out of a garage, to a family business, with a growing network of 15 regional barrel dealers, and hundreds of new and returning customers throughout the entire Northeast region.

Since day one, Mystic Barrels has maintained a top-notch commitment to finding and selling high quality barrels to our customers and dealers. Our barrel network has solds thousands of barrels to hundreds of satisfied customers. If you are in need of barrels - whether for decoration, furniture projects, aging product, or to sell for yourself - we are here with the barrels you need. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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