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    Half-Barrel Tables
    Half-Barrel Tables
    Half-Barrel Tables
    Half-Barrel Tables
    Half-Barrel Tables

Half-Barrel Tables


Half-Barrel Tables


  • Premium barrels & handcrafted furniture
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  • Description

    An award-winning conversation starter!

    ....Well, it didn't really win any awards, but if there was such an award, we think it would!

    This Half-Barrel Table starts out as one of our authentic, used whiskey or wine barrels. The barrel is put through our barrel refurbishment process, which involves cleaning, sanding, staining, and sealing the barrel, as well as securing the hoops to the staves.

    After that, the barrel is cut in two halves. Each half is then paired up with a solid oak 28" diameter top, secured together, and ready for your enjoyment!

    Sitting proud at about 18 inches tall and 28 inches in diameter, the 1/2 barrel table is fitting as an end table, side table, or coffee table.

    I'll bet you're envisioning this table in your home! Am I right??

    • Height: 17-18" tall
    • Diameter: 28"
    • Weight: 70 lbs.
    • Origin: Various distilleries and wineries


    We have 3 shipping/delivery options:

    • Scheduled pickup at our shop in Springdale, PA (just north of Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Regional Delivery - We run our own delivery trucks and delivery routes according to the delivery schedule.
      • FREE delivery for orders over $325; only $75 delivery fee otherwise
    • Flat Rate Shipping - We ship via UPS and various freight carriers.
      • $60 shipping per table


Our barrels come directly from distilleries and wineries. Fresh Barrels = Superior Quality.

With our direct regional delivery service, we can move the barrels to EXACTLY where you need them.

We conduct a thorough quality check, making it easy for us to guarantee your satisfaction!


I searched for barrels for my daughters wedding all over the place! The shipping, most of the time, was more than the barrel itself. This company was quick to answer my emails and the shipping was FAST, friendly and affordable! The barrels are fantastic we love them! Great local company!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE GUYS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Awesome customer service and great barrels. Mike was very very quick to respond to my email and a pleasure to work with. Do not waste your time researching another company - this one is top notch Thank you mike !

Oh my gosh...your barrels were sitting on my front porch when I got home this evening. You truly made my day! Thank you again for everything...you have been amazing to work with and this is the best $400 I have spend in years! I am so happy!!