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Barrel Staves and Hoops

Let your imagination run crazy with ideas for using these barrel components! The hoops (or metal bands), the barrel staves, and the barrel heads are all the basis for so many DIY projects and decoration scenarios.


Let's start with the barrel staves! Customers are using these staves to make barrel chairs and stools, to coat racks and hangers, guitar stands, light fixtures, centerpieces, candle holders, and wine or whiskey bottle racks. A quick Google search of barrel stave projects will bring up Pinterest pages with 1000+ ideas for staves!


Next up are the barrel heads! You'll find yourself another 300+ ideas for these barrel heads! Clocks, Lazy Susans, signs, serving trays, or just a hung up as-is. An incredible number of options! We will be adding these to our inventory soon!


Last, but not least, the barrel hoops/rings/bands(or whatever you want to call them!). Customers are making really neat signs, wreaths, bent metal icons, and light fixtures.


I'd challenge anyone to find a used material that are more versatile, unique, and useful for projects than these barrel components!

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