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Rectangular Barrel Tables (6 & 8 foot lengths)

High-quality, Handcrafted Barrels

Rectangular Barrel Tables (6 & 8 foot lengths)


Thousands of barrels sold. Hundreds of barrel-loving customers!

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Constructed entirely of solid oak, these 3 ft. wide, 6 ft long, and 37 inch tall barrel tables are functional, unique, and timeless. A stunning statement piece for your home, business, or event!

Sealed with a robust commercial-grade polyurethane, the assembly is design to last a lifetime.

Use the table as a place to decorate, a place to gather, or a place to serve food or beverage. I even use mine as a desk!

Sold into homes, weddings, rental companies, country clubs, and restaurants everywhere!

Additional Product Options:

1. Whiskey vs. Wine Barrel: The main aesthetic difference is that the wine barrels have galvanized silver hoops. The whiskey barrels have dark stained hoops. 

2. Barrel Configuration:

Option A: Both lengths come standard with the twin barrels underneath. We design and build X-braces into the tabletop to help easily center the table over the barrels, as well as secure the table to the barrels against lateral movement. With this design, the table can be lifted up off the barrels and moved elsewhere as needed.

Upon request, we can provide brackets free of charge to allow you to more permanently secure the table to the barrel bases.

Option B: The 6 ft long table also has the option of being positioned over a split whiskey or wine barrel. This unique design opens up some space underneath the table, and provide a unique effect. The table top is semi-permanently secured to the barrel-halves with brackets. 

The entire assembly is stained with a Provincial Oak stain color. For custom stain color options, please contact us to discuss.


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Delivery & Shipping Information


I searched for barrels for my daughters wedding all over the place! The shipping, most of the time, was more than the barrel itself. This company was quick to answer my emails and the shipping was FAST, friendly and affordable! The barrels are fantastic we love them! Great local company!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE GUYS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Awesome customer service and great barrels. Mike was very very quick to respond to my email and a pleasure to work with. Do not waste your time researching another company - this one is top notch Thank you mike !

Oh my gosh...your barrels were sitting on my front porch when I got home this evening. You truly made my day! Thank you again for have been amazing to work with and this is the best $400 I have spend in years! I am so happy!!