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Delivery Details

1. Pick-up at Mystic Barrels (Pittsburgh, PA): We will contact you within 24 hours of ordering to schedule your barrel pickup.

2. $50 flat rate delivery for your entire order: Please confirm you are in our delivery zone shown before ordering! After ordering, give us 2-4 weeks to deliver your barrels to you.

Save hundreds or thousands of by having us delivery your barrels to you directly. We run our own delivery trucks on a weekly rotation to different states making deliveries.

3. UPS Ground Shipping: If you need barrels very quickly, or are outside our delivery zone, we can UPS Ground Ship to you. (Note, this gets expensive quickly!)

Used Barrels from Mystic Barrels

In most situations, newer is better, but barrels are special. For decorators, DIY-project lover, alcohol producers, and beer makers, a used barrel can be extremely useful. Used barrels can be broken up into 2 category designations:

  • Fresh-dumped barrels, which can be used to flavor alcoholic beverages and other products
  • Furniture-grade barrels, which have been retired from use in aging, and are now perfect for use as decoration, or in any barrel furniture project you can dream up!

Why source your barrels from Mystic Barrels? Not only do we have a great selection of barrels, we also have the most cost-effective ways to get them to you – either through pickup, our flat rate $50 delivery service!

Furniture-Grade Barrels (see above listings!)

When using barrels for decoration or barrel furniture projects, you can save yourself money by choosing retired furniture grade whiskey or wine barrels, available on this page. While these barrels are considered ‘retired’ from use in aging and storing product, all the oak barrels we sell have been inspected and hand selected to ensure there are few-to-no cracks, no significantly warped heads, or any other major defects that could take away from the aesthetic or functionality.

Should you choose a whiskey or wine barrel? This is entirely personal preference! Some customers prefer the more rustic appearance of the whiskey barrels. Other customers prefer the lighter and cleaner appearance of the wine barrels. Both options are great for decor, tables, or furniture projects!

All of our specialty barrels are also perfect for decor and projects too - so don’t forget to check them out! Our specialty barrels page is a collection of constantly changing inventory, so check back often!

Fresh-Dumped Barrels (see Specialty Barrels page)

For beer brewers and alcohol producers, used barrels make excellent flavor enhancers. Used barrels contain some of the flavors of the spirit that was aged in the cask. A used barrel can be the magic ingredient for creating a delicious ale or wine.

Mystic Barrels has used whiskey barrels that are perfect for beer and wine making. We have used barrels from Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, and more. You can choose the whiskey flavor that will work best with the recipe you're using, and that matches the preferences of the people who will drink your brew. As craft beers, wine and ales become more prevalent, aging your product in a used barrel can give it a flavor that sets it apart from the rest.

For any question or recommendations, feel free to contact us!

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